Hillside Monthly Tour - Icheon Pottery Festival
manager 2010/05/10

Icheon Pottery Festival

Icheon, Gyeonggi-do, is famous throughout Korea for its pottery and holding 
a festival. You could watch as over 70 artisans craft their wares and bake 
them in wood burning kilns at the festival also  you could get handmade 
pottery with reasonable price. 
Why don’t you join the tour ? It would be fun and good opportunity to look 
around Icheon.

- When : Wednesday , 12 May 2010
-Time :  9am (return 3:00pm)
- Meeting Place :  Club House
Participation fee :  Free of Charge
*Your friends are welcome!

For more information on registration , Please contact the management office
Tel : 02-798-4886 E-mail : sunny.cho@cbrekorea.com


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