SIWA meeting at the Hillside Residence
manager 2006/02/10

If you're interested in this meeting, please contact to Juana Alvarado 
( Tel. 02-798-5475 / Email : 


Course Name: Discovering Korea and Koreans

Date : 16th of Feb. 06
Time : from 9:30am to 11:30 am

Course Description: In this class we discover why Korean people behave, 
live and work in a way that seems very different to ours. We discover the 
roots of their value system. We discuss a horizontal versus hierarchical 
society and what it means to be in either of these societies.  We will also 
discuss the group versus individual mentality and which is present in Korea. 
We will go over what is considered a typical wedding gift, or house gift.  We 
will go over Korean do’s and don’ts. This class is very informative and eye 
opening, but most importantly it is fun. We treat it more as a discussion or 
conversation than a class. We welcome comments, questions and personal 
observations during the workshop.

Instructor’s Qualification (training, experience etc.)
Have lived in Korea for 2 1/2 years. Married to a Korean American. Have 
studied Korean Language at Ewha Woman’s University in Korea. Have 
worked for a Korean owned relocation company for 2-years and co-created 
their Cross-Cultural Training Program. Have been providing culture training to 
expatriates for the past 2 years. Have firsthand experience on the cultural 
differences that exist between the Korean and Western culture.


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    SIWA meeting at the Hillside Residence