cracking nuts on Daeboreum day
manager 2008/02/20

Dear All.

The spring comes nearer each day it is still cold though

We would like let you know this Thursday 21st Feb is Daeboreum, 
meaning "Great Full Moon," is a Korean holiday that celebrate the first full 
moon of the new year of the lunar calendar. 

For breakfast on Daeboreum, people eat a five-grain rice called "Ogokbap", 
consisting of rice, millet, Indian millet, beans, and red beans is served  This 
is eaten with various dried herbs. Also people crack Burum, various nuts 
with their te eth. It is believed that this practice will help keeping their healthy 
and avoiding illness for the year

So that on coffee meeting day, we would prepare Burum( peanuts & walnuts)
for you to have experience of  Daeboreum , one of traditional holidays and 
keep your healthy by cracking nuts for the year.

It would also be fun 


 Weekly coffee meeting 

-          every Thursday at 10:30~12:00AM  in Club House 


Hillside Residence



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    cracking nuts on Daeboreum day
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