Summer Vacation
manager 2008/06/13

Dear All,


 As you may feel the same, it is the hottest day in this year with real 
sunshine. After many unusual rainy or cloudy days, it seems that summer 
has actually started at last! 

As far as I know the school vacation starts this week and many of you might 
be going away for holiday soon. 


So, I would like to give you important tips about your air-conditioner during 
your holiday.  

It is recommended that you turn off the air conditioner while you are away. 

But if you need to leave your air-conditioners on in your absence at home, 
please put the temperature at between 27 -28 degrees .

 Last summer, some tenants left 6 air conditioners turned on at 18 degrees   
for about 2 weeks, non-stop. Due to overload of electricity, the electricity on 
the floor was totally out. Our technician warned that it would cause serious 
problems such as fire.


On a slightly different note, I would like to kindly ask you that all windows 
should be closed while you are away as rain could come into inside.


Just in case you would realise that you did not do above or anything else 
before you left. Please don’t worry about that and contact us. 

We will sort it out upon your requests. 

I hope you will have a wonderful holiday and come back with good memories.


Should you have any questions or requests regarding this matter, please 
don't hesitate to contact me.


Best wishes,


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