Hillside activities in August
manager 2008/08/12

Dear All

We would like to inform you that the new term of hillside activities in August 
as follows 


class                    day                     time                  place             Fees
TaeKwonDo      Thursdays       
                       for Level 1         PM 4:00 -  5:00
                                                                           Play Room    KRW40,000 
per 4weeks
                      & Thursdays       PM 5:00 -  6:00
                        for Level 2

Korean            Thursdays        AM9:00  -  10 :30    Club House  KRW480,000 
                                                                                       /total 16 weeks 
Yoga               Tuesdays        PM 7:00  -  8:00  Play Room     KRW40,000  
                       (Aug19~)                                                    /per 4 weeks

Korean             Wednesdays
Paper Craft       (Aug20~)         PM1:00  -  3:00  Club House  KRW25,000
(Hanji)                                                                             per Lesson 
                                                                        /excluding material fees


All of you in Hillside are welcome to any class above, it would be great to 
join the activities     

If you would be interested in any classes above, could you please advise 
me by 13th of August


* For Yoga, It might be canceled if less than 5 people

* For Korean class, it might be canceled if less than 4 people

* Please find the attached the curriculum for Korean class

* Further details of those classes will be noticed shortly 



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