Monthly Tour - " ToyRus&Lotte Mart"
manager 2009/01/02

" ToyRus&Lotte Mart"

  DATE  : Tuesday, 13 January,2009  
  Time : AM 9:00 ( return 12:00PM)
  Meeting place : Clubhouse
  Participation fee : Fee of charge 

We would like you invite you all to the Monthly Tour of Toysrus & Lotte Mart

You could get various world toys which are hard to find around here also 
Lotte mart is on the 1st floor, you may shop if  you’re interested in groceries  

Why don’t you join the tour ? It would be fun to look around in Jamshil

Please reserve your seat by January 9
Seat is restricted –maximum 15 people   

For more information on registration , Please contact the management office
Tel : 02-798-4886 E-mail :


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    Monthly Tour - " ToyRus&Lotte Mart"
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