Field trip to Heyri
manager 2012/09/14

- Field trip to Heyri -      

I would like to inform you that we will go to field trip to Heyri on 25th of 

Heyri heads for the art village that communicates the culture with the variety 
genre in the one space.

Now above three hundred seventy members: writers, artists, cineastes, 
architects, and musicians are building their artistic spaces, houses, work 
rooms, museums, galleries. 

There is good exhibition, Women Artist Korean Painting, at the jireh gallery.

We will have simple brunch and appreciate each work with gallery's curator 
at the jireh gallery.

And after viewing the gallery, you can have Heyri tour.

Date : 2012, 9, 25 (Tuesday)
Place : Heyri (Art Village)

Time : 10:00am ~ 15:00pm(Arrive at Hillside)

Participation fee : krw5,000

Meeting Place : School bus zone(next to club house)

Reservation Due : 19th of Sep(Next Wednesday)

The seats are limited, please be hurry up to make a reservation for this trip.

For more information, please contact to me   


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